Addiction Demo

by Split Lip

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released February 19, 2015

Recorded, Mixed/Mastered by Nick Loicaono



all rights reserved


Split Lip California

Marcus C. - Vocals
Justin P. - Guitar/Vocals
Tyler B. - Guitar
Arnold T. - Bass
Kevin B. - Drums

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Track Name: Addiction
Controlled by addiction
How'd I ever lose myself
In such a hopless position
Ruled by the demons
I didn't know I had
Living a life
That was never part of my plan

Lying and thieving
I was caught in the shit
I was doing anything to get my fix
How the fuck did I get here
I just wanna go back
Praying that the next line
Would be my last

Tried to numb the pain
Feeding drugs into my brain
Tried to chase that rush
That turned my brain into mush
I let it get to far
Let it tear my life apart
Theres no easy way out
Wind up six feet underground
Track Name: Personal Hell
I'm feeling lost
And I dont know what to do
Trying to figure this all out
Trying to get a fucking clue
You mean so much to me
How could I do you so wrong
I'm still searching for answers
How the fuck do I stay strong

Always looking back
Reminded of what I lacked
All the thoughts in my mind
That weren't ever mine
You need to understand
Back then I was spineless
No excuse for my actions
I was nothing but mindless

The sight of you
Is burned in my mind
The tears running down your face
As we said our goodbyes
This is the worst decision
That I've ever made
Waking up without you
Its a struggle everyday

I'm just a man
Thats fallen to my knees
Trying to fix the mistakes
That will set me free
No longer will I blame
Anyone but myself
For letting you go
Its my own personal hell